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Do-it-yourself or to out-source ? Deciding how to provide IT support and manage your IT infrastructure is a constant challenge for organisations of all sizes, but especially for the small to mid size businesses that often dont have the resources available for an in-house IT technician.

Small companies often have no plan for their technology and IT and yet they rely on those same systems, every day, to allow their businesses to function.

Siteweb65 IT Support takes your IT and manages it on your behalf on a regular basis. A fixed time contract ensures that, for an agreed time slot each week or month, Siteweb65 effectively works for your company, doing whatever needs to be done, website updates, design, data administration, data backup, systems administration, breakdowns, upgrades or IT support to you and your staff ... the list is endless and unique to each client.

If your needs are more modest and you dont have need of a regular IT contract, Siteweb65 is on call to advise or fix any area of your IT that is causing you problems. We are often called upon to provide the following services to business clients ...

PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE: Service and update computers and other IT equipment to increase longevity, ensure backups and anti-virus are protecting you where required, and advise/suggest better ways of running your IT.

NETWORKING: Many times networking in a smaller office just happens, and then very soon you've got a network of several computers, some talking to others, some not, with nobody really knowing how or why. We can help troubleshoot, extend or update your exisitng network and local data servers.

INSTANT IT EVALUATIONS: We come in and review your network, your office systems, intranet, web tools, internet usage and workflow. By assessing all aspects of your technical environment we can identify problem areas and suggest changes that will prevent problems and serve you better in the future.

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT: Specific to each customer. A new or updated website, online backoffice system, XML feed integration, online customer/client databases, mobile application development ..

Most aspects of IT Support can usually be remotely provided and we successfully help clients all over France, UK and the USA. So even if you are not on our doorstep we could still help you and your business with your IT issues.

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